Our story

Before the world wide web even began, games existed (really, they did). As games started to migrate from hour long installs to click to play in a browser, we made a radical shift to be one of the early adopters of HTML5. The good old days of "What is better. Flash or HTML5?" have now long gone and here we are, developing with passion titles and exclusive apps for our happy clients!

The Game Silo is not just games, we know you also need today some way to manage your product. Let us not forget a place to house it, data to store and analyise, oh, and a way to visualise your metrics.

Over time we have developed several systems that now form the backbone of the complete solution. So when you have a game from The Game Silo you also have the tools to manage them, integrations, data and analytics.

Still, with over 25 years of games industry experience, you would kind of expect that... If the pop-up new kids do not offer this whole package, you have to ask why... "If you think it is expensive to hire a professional, go hire an amateur"

Happy gaming!


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